Andy Livengood

Actor. Comedian. All around fun guy.


Improv comedy

Andy has studied Improv at Theatre 99 (Charleston, SC), The Annoyance Theatre (Chicago), and The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre (NY).  You can regularly  catch him doing "make-em-ups" at Theatre 99 in Charleston and at improv festivals all over the United States. 



A handful of old school pals getting back into the ring to knock out some improv comedy.  Each show is just as derranged as the last.  If you like you comedy on the wacky side, then H.A.MPS. is the show for you.  It's fast-paced, silly, and at times even too silly. All we ask is that you get in pit and try to love someone.

H.A.MPS is:
Henry Riggs
Andy Livengood
Matt Perry, Sr.

Andy has Friends!

The improv equivalent of a roulette wheel, Andy has Friends! is a show where the cast is always a surprise. Not content to just perform in his regular improv shows, Andy Livengood wants to play with ALL of his friends. In each Andy has Friends! show, Andy is joined by a special guest.  Every performance features an improvisor, an actor, a comic, or even a random audience member.  You never know who’s gonna drop in; you never know what’s gonna happen. Andy has Friends!, unpredictable improv at it’s finest.


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Andy has Friends! is: 

Andy LIvengood




Masters of Improv come together to create a one of a kind comedy experience. Fast, unpredictable , and explosive; Jet Pack combines lightning quick improv with grounded characters and scenes. Strap yourself in, you never know where Jet Pack will take you!




Theatre 99's Blue team

Theatre 99's house ensemble has been performing in Charleston for roughly 15 years.  It's where boredom goes to die.  Catch the ensemble shows every Friday and Saturday nights at Theatre 99.

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