Andy Livengood

Actor. Comedian. All around fun guy.



This  improv ensemble finds the comedy in the mundane. Scenes start out normally but soon become ticking time bombs of insane hilarity. A show may start out with a scene about a parent teacher conference or a board meeting, but by the end chickens have risen up and taken over the world and cavemen file class action lawsuits.  If that is not enough -- everyone in the show is totally hot as shit.

"Cats Hugging Cats is a powerhouse of an act."  - Jason Zwiker, Charleston City Paper

"Cats, long form improv with a healthy sprinkle of absurdity, is an exercise in finding commonplace.  The point is that they do it exceedingly well."  - Jason Zwiker, Charleston City Paper

"...a solid comedic team."  - Imee Cuison, Charleston City Paper

CHC is: Andy Livengood, Brian DeCosta, Greg Tavares, Anne Dabney, Tommy Hutchins, R.W. Smith, and Jason Groce




CLUTCH is an improv show unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Specializing in The Deconstruction (inspired by Miles Stroth) as a long form format, CLUTCH is an all-star ensemble from Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC. Using laser focused scene work, this group creates an entire world that flows from the undeniably real to the truly insane. CLUTCH isn't afraid to walk the tightrope between rich grounded improv and hilarious madness. 


In each show these talented improvisors will shatter complex relationships, breaking them down and exploring every aspect of them. From Shakespeare to Shark Week, The Civil War to Chuck Norris, nothing is sacred in this high energy explosion of improv.  CLUTCH is the show that proves the whole IS greater than the sum of its parts.


CLUTCH is: Andy Adkins, John Brennan, Dan Hanf, Andy Livengood, Matt Perry, Ali Sylvester and Mark Szlachetka



Handys is improv at the speed of wacky. Each show takes the audience down a tunnel of absurdity and (sometimes) gets them out on the other side. When was the last time you had a good Handy?

Handys is: 

Henry Riggs

Andy Livengood


Human fireworks

An explosive show with a long fuse, Human Fireworks combines true stories from the cast with insane, fast paced improv scenes. Always different. Always absurd. Human Fireworks proves truth is really stranger than fiction. 


Human Fireworks is: 

Greg Tavares

Andy Livengood

Betsy Harper

Ali Sylvester

Andy Adkins

Jason Groce

Peter Schwartz

Tommy Hutchins

Brian DeCosta