Andy Livengood

Actor. Comedian. All around fun guy.

Improv Teaching


Andy Livengood has been teaching improvisation for almost a decade. He teaches 2-3 classes a week at Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC and has taught sold out workshops up and down the east coast. 


    Andy has worked with comedy troupes, students, and businesses, teaching them to use improv to achieve their goals. 


    Whether you want to get better on stage, learn to communicate more effectively, or work on team building, Andy’s workshops are guaranteed to be a fun and insightful experience.  



  • Andy Livengood lives and breaths improv. His knows and loves improv, it is in his bones. He is a patient, giving and gifted teacher. If you get a chance to work with Andy —do it. You will be better for it. He is constantly creating exercises for his students as a way to help them get where they want go. His workshops are playful and fun, you will get lots of stage time and you will walk away thinking — that was a fucking blast.
    — Greg Tavares, Author of Improv for Everyone
  • After taking Andy Livengood’s improvisational theatre class at Theatre 99, I took his YES, AND message back into classroom, a world where all too often students hear YES, BUT…and then then they tune out. Learning over. Andy is a witty, inspirational coach, AND you should definitely take his classes!
    — Merrie Koester, Ph.D. Director, Project Draw for Science University of South Carolina Center for Science Education
  • Andy Livengood came to teach an Improvisation workshop at the Norfolk Comedy Festival in Virginia and will be forever invited back to teach and perform. All of his students left there with more clarity on character, physicality and what to do in tough improvisation scenarios. The workshop was wildly fun, imaginative, and informative. Andy seems to understand the balance between what’s funny in a scene and when it’s time to do work. I highly encourage any improviser to take a class from him. I promise you will learn new tactics and have a blast while doing it. 

    — Brad McMurran, Co-founder and artistic director Push Comedy Theatre, Norfolk VA
  • As a guest of the School of Business at the College of Charleston, Andy Livengood took experiential learning to the next level with improvisation skill development. With quick wit, high emotional quotient, and a relaxed style, Andy Livengood provided improv training for immediate application in problem solving, sales, marketing, and other business and social situation demanding communication excellence. Take yourself, your team or your company from experiential learning to consequential learning by studying improv with Andy Livengood.
    — Christopher Starr, Director ICAT Accelerator, Assoc Prof of Information Management School of Business College of Charleston
  • Andy is a joy to work with on stage and as an instructor. He gave our students a great window into how improv skills can be translated into sketch comedy. He was organized, insightful, and of course very funny.
    — Harrison Brookie, Founder, Artistic Director Alchmey Comedy Theatre, Greenville SC