Spoleto Festival Attendees Confused If Flag is Art or a Horse Urine Marker


A crowd of Piccolo Spoleto festival goers gathered on Society Street today to view what was believed to be a new art installation by a prominent festival artist. The piece consists of a bright orange flag attached to what appears to be a rubber ball cut in half. One festival volunteer said of the artwork, “It’s so raw. It’s awakening so many feelings inside of me.” Another said, “I think it’s a bit pretentious, but it is go that it’s  creating a discussion.”

Police and festival security had to arrive on site to secure the artwork and make sure no one disturbed it. Officer John Tradd said, “I don’t get it myself, but then again I don’t get a lot of this ‘art’ stuff going on right now.” Blogger and self described art critic Tristen Collins was blown away by the piece saying, “It’s amazing. Simply amazing. The ball represents childhood which is completely juxtaposed by the urine the ball seems to be sitting in. Clearly the artist was trying to explore the rift between childhood and the real world. The flag, a symbol of awareness, is meant to draw attention to the blight of so many children in third world countries.” 

Tour Guide, Richard Wren, is confused by all the attention. “I just threw that ball out to mark the horse piss.”, Wren told journalists. “It’s just so we can wash the piss into the drain.” Collins disagreed saying, “Once the artist puts the art into the world it is no longer their job to imply the meaning. Now the individual viewer has to decide what the piece means to them. As a critic, I understand that this magnificent work of art represents the struggle of the lower class in todays society.” Regardless of personal interpretation, this ball is drawing huge crowds. 

The Ball will be on display until June 10. Tickets to see the Ball are $25 and may be purchased at the Gillard auditorium.