-Butcher Stories-

Trailer for Andy Livengood's hit one man show, Butcher Stories.

Commercial for Chambers Supermarkets (from the hit one man show, Butcher Stories.) Written by Andy Livengood

A commercial for Chamber Supermarkets, part of the hit one man show Butcher Stories. Written by Andy Livengood

-The Christmas Will Be Televised-

The Christmas Will Be Televised-Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Promo Written by Andy Livengood

The Christmas Will Be Televised- A Charlie Brown Christmas Promo Written by Andy Livengood

A modern update of an old Christmas song.


Commercial for a new vape oil made especially for men. Written by Andy Livengood

Bane reveals his true feelings for Julia Stiles

Commercial for Yum Yum Toothpaste

-Live Comedy-

The way we talk about our weekend at work isn't always how it went down...

Written by Hunter Gardner

Andy Livengood performs a parody of "Ice Ice Baby" during "The Christmas Will Be Televised."


"Cartoonish" A famous animator inadvertently warps a ten year old boy's imagination. A short film Written and Directed by Ken Cohen Check it out on Amazon Prime!

In the distant future a refugee lives in peace on an uninhabited island. A surprise arrival by those he left behind and a simple mistake compromise his situation, sending him into a nightmarish struggle to survive and keep his freedom. Directed by: Matthew F. Perry Written by: Matthew F. Perry & Caleb Usry

A scene from the sci-fi film After Exodus starring Caleb Usry and Andy Livengood. Directed by Matthew F. Perry.