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Real Stories. Real Customers. Real Funny

Real Stories. Real Customers. Real Funny

Based off of the hit blog and featuring 100% real interactions with insane customers, Andy Livengood will take audiences on a hilarious and heartfelt tour of strange coworkers, clueless managers, and crazy customers.

Alex is a directionless twenty year old kid. He spends his days manning a meat counter at the local grocery store. When an unexpected promotion falls into his lap, Alex must decide if he wants to follow his dreams or take on the stable career as a butcher.

What are the guys who cut your steaks really like?

Is it possible to deal with customers and not loose your mind?

Why is the world of retail so insane?

Find out as Livengood plays over 20 characters to immerse you in the often ridiculous world of retail. Whether you’ve worked behind a service counter or only shopped at one, this show will leave you in stitches.

Written and performed by Andy Livengood

Directed by R.W. Smith

"“Butcher Stories is well-written and funny, raising the bar when it comes to one man shows.”-The Post in Courier

“Impressive character work. Despite it being a 1 man show it didn’t feel like he was alone on stage.”-

Butcher Stories has been performed at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, The Foothills Comedy Festival, and The Norfolk Comedy Festival. It has also been featured on The Chive and eBaum’s World.