Andy in The Aural Traditions Podcast Episode, Smart Home



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Smart Home

Harland S. Biggs is a “very important man.” He’s also the proud owner of a Shimotaki Smart Home Excelsior 2200 Model 3. All is right with the world… Until it isn’t. Some electronics just don’t like backtalk.

Smart Home was written by Steven Cardinal and starred, in order of appearance:

  • Paul O’Brien as Harland S. Biggs
  • Todd McNerney as Gus
  • Tessa Payne Clinton as Lydia and Jo
  • Samille Basler as CYBIL
  • Andy Livengood as Abner
  • Nat Jones as Ben
  • Kristen Kos as Carolyne
  • Steven Cardinal as the Impound Lot Attendant
  • Jodi Riley as the Waitress
  • Doug Clinton as the Cop
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