Andy Livengood

Actor. Comedian. All around fun guy.

The Christmas will be televised


A one man show about a guy who's a little too obsessed with Christmas Movies.

Andy is at his parent’s house for their annual Christmas Eve party.  It’s one of those fun  parties with no music, no booze and dad reading verses from the Bible.  There is only one way Andy is going to avoid  running screaming from the house – immerse himself  in Christmas TV specials. 

Andy has watched every Christmas themed TV show and movie so many times he knows most of them by heart and he’ll break them down for you. This show features The Grinch reimagined as a rap song, a lightning fast take on A Christmas Story, and a Star Wars/Christmas Carol mashup.  Drop the kids off at grandma’s because nothing’s sacred in this whirlwind tour through all of the holiday classics.

Co written by Andy Livengood and Greg Tavares

Directed by Greg Tavares

"The Christmas Will Be Televised has staying power, thanks to Livengood's careful balancing act of funny and serious topics." -The Charleston City Paper

Voted "Best Play of 2011" by the readers of theCharleston City Paper.